Digital Desk, Peshawar. 24 people who reached Peshawar Airport in Pakistan from UAE were quarantined. Trained Dogs had identified these passengers as carriers of the coronavirus. Let us tell you that recently a UK research came out in which it was said that specially trained dogs can rapidly detect Kovid-19 by sniffing with 94.3 percent sensitivity and 92 percent specificity.

Airport authorities said Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-218 from Abu Dhabi landed at Peshawar’s Bachha Khan International Airport with 128 passengers on board. Rapid swab test of all the passengers was done at the airport. Of these 128 passengers, 24 were identified as carriers of coronavirus by trained dogs. Despite protests by passengers, the affected patients were immediately shifted to the Peshawar Quarantine Center with the help of police and administration officials.

Let us tell you that many countries have been considering for several months about using dogs to recognize the corona virus in airports and other public places. Dogs have been trained at an animal clinic in Germany to smell the virus of Kovid-19 in human spit. Officials have claimed that these dogs are capable of sniffing the virus in 94 percent of the cases. In Finland such dogs are being used at Helsinki Airport since September 2020. Such dogs are being used at Chile’s Santiago airport.

Recently, Cynthia Otto, director of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine Working Dog Center, said that it is difficult to apply the method of testing through dogs in practice. Because on this the institutions working for the animals will start raising their voice. But the specialty of dogs is that they will smell the urine and tell whether it is positive or negative. Cynthia said that dogs recognize different types of scent. They recognize odors associated with different diseases. The smell of coronavirus also comes in the spit and sweat samples. Which dogs can easily recognize.

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